Top Four Reasons Why Practicing Managerial Courage is Critical

Managerial courage is all about developing the capacity to communicate with candor and a balance of ego and empathy.

It’s often described as not holding back on having an open and honest conversation — letting people know where they stand. Furthermore, it’s the willingness to take action when necessary and without hesitation. Here’s why managerial courage is so critical to organizations and managers:

#1: Results

It helps increase the performance of individuals and the overall organization.

#2: Accountability

It’s no secret that managers, who properly allocate accountability within their teams, are going to get positive results.


#3: Respect

There is a mutual respect to be gained when managerial courage is executed between employees and managers. Subordinates tend to not use their managers as resources if they don’t respect them and are less likely to be motivated.

#4: Trust Through Transparency

The goal is to foster an environment of trust where everyone can be honest with each other without fear. This concept can feel foreign to many managers, who are used to just checking boxes on annual employee reviews and not providing detail coaching that both parties can grow from.

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