Coaching Hotline

Did you know that almost 100 percent of learners have questions about newly-learned concepts, but only 10 percent ever follow-up with their instructor?

 It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!

The New Velocity Coaching Hotline is like having a sales coach in your pocket. 

Simply reach out to us with a scenario that you are struggling with. Whether you need help with leaving prospects voicemails, or with a certain objection they have, we’ve got you covered.   



Here’s how:

Talk to Someone Live 

Email and schedule a time to talk live with a coach.

Leave us a Voicemail

Call New Velocity’s Coaching Hotline: 855-COACH-21 (855-262-2421) and leave a voicemail with your specific situation, question or sales conversation that you need help with.

Our expert team will brainstorm a solution and get back to you with a recommendation tailored for your specific pain point within 24 hours.