3 Lessons to Learn From the U.S. Failing to Qualify for the World Cup

The U.S. Men’s Soccer team did not make an appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

It marks the first time the nation failed to qualify for the international soccer tournament, which is held every four years, since 1986.

So, with the expectations of qualifying, the outcome was even more of a disappointment for the players, coaches and fans. However, we can take the situation of the U.S. Men’s Soccer team not qualifying and use it as an example of motivation to apply to our own lives.

Whether we are applying this to people, departments or organizations, it can result in a plan of how to better prepare for our own losses or failures.

Here are three quick lessons we can take away from this loss and apply it personally or professionally:

Continuing to Sharpen the Saw

Sharpening the saw is all about planning and continuous improvement. This ongoing process is all about the pace of change. Professionally, sharpening the saw could mean investing in your professional development and taking a course to expand your skill set. Personally, this could mean going to the gym more consistently to get healthier. Remember, there’s always room for improvement. For the U.S. Men’s Soccer team, this will mean better preparation and determination going into next season.

Redefining Priorities

Failure happens to everyone. If not yet, just wait and see.

Experiencing a loss, such as the U.S. not qualifying for the tournament, can make you or break you. Redefining priorities allows you to reorder the things that matter to you the most. Make room for what’s important.

Persistence is Principal

Failing is an inevitable part of life. Don’t let failing keep you from accomplishing your dreams and goals. Remember, it’s not how we fall, it’s how we get back up again.

The U.S. team can’t let this one stumble keep them from getting back up again, just like how we as individuals must keep pushing forward.