3 Reasons Why Microlearning is Impactful

Microlearning is bite-sized learning, or brief training targeting specific learning objects as “nuggets” for maximum impact.

Microlearning has been proven to change employee behavior, boost performance and provide transformative results.

Many managers around the world have some of the same questions:

  • How can we efficiently train our employees and make training stick for good?

  • How can we train employees in the future with the increasing number of millennials in the workforce?

Regardless of the industry, microlearning effectively provides flexibility, especially the benefit of technology and moving towards more digital microlearning.


Focus Increase

Individuals can only maintain focus for a certain period of time before they lose interest and no longer retain information. The delivery of information in short snippets allows for high levels of information retention.

Microlearning keeps the attention and focus from drifting elsewhere and engages learners to make training stick.

Small bursts of information and the structure of micro-lessons are easy to retain and recall.

Because microlearning is less of a time commitment, it increases employee participation, with fewer disruptions. Training can now fit into anyone’s busy schedules at any time.

A Sense of Accomplishment

It’s always a great feeling when you finish a task or accomplish something you’ve been working on.

With microlearning, that sense of satisfaction comes often when it takes a shorter amount of time to complete a chapter or course.

Completing a couple micro chapters in a course feels a whole lot better than the feeling of realizing you’re only a fraction of the way done with a long and dragged out course.

This sense of accomplishment will only push employees to the next step in their careers.

Microlearning makes it easy to invest time in training.

Microlearning Using Technology

A digital format of microlearning allows learners to fit training in, wherever they see fit.

The flexibility gives users the opportunity to complete training anywhere and at any time – in transit, at home, in the office, wherever and on any device.

Young professionals, millennials in particular, value their personal time. Research has shown that the more control learners have over their own training, the more effective it will be.

Each individual has a different type of learning style from the next individual. With microlearning and specifically digital microlearning, employees can be kept engaged no matter what learning style an individual may be.

Microlearning is one of the best ways to keep employees informed in their industry and kept up to date on specific training.

To learn more about how microlearning can be incorporated into online training click here.