Unmasking the Multitasking Myth

The idea of multitasking sounds efficient. After all, you’re killing two birds with one stone, right?

I mean, why do the tasks separately when you can just get them all done at the same time?

This however, is proven to not be the fact.

Surprise! People are actually not that great at multitasking. In fact, neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain.

Taking calls while working on spreadsheets, working on other tasks while in an important meeting, all result in distracting ourselves from completing our most important tasks.

Multitasking results in not being able to focus on one task and not being able to put all of your effort into that one task. Additionally, it increases the potential of creating errors.

Therefore, it is better to avoid multitasking with these few tips:

Taking breaks

Rather than multitasking, it is suggested that taking breaks can help cope with a busy schedule. Take breaks as you feel needed, but it’s recommended that breaks are taken after 90-minute chunks of working on whatever task is at hand. After the 90 minutes, clear your mind by stepping outside, checking social media or whatever it is that helps you unwind to start back fresh.

Decreasing the distractions

It’s hard enough as it is to focus all of your attention on one task. Don’t bother letting the distractions come in to halt you accomplishing any of your set tasks. Distractions such as your smartphone, clutter and interruptions can all be a setback to avoiding multitasking.

Chunking your time

Work smarter. Get stuff done in 90-minute highly-focused chunks. The key to productivity is that our minds function better if we allow ourselves time for focused work and times of rest. Don’t force yourself into long stretches of productivity. After 90 minutes of full productivity, allow yourself a break.

Take a walk, stretch, talk to coworkers or make a cup of coffee.

Chances are you’ll find yourself refreshed and more productive ready to go for your next 90-minute chunk.

To learn more about how to chunk your time, watch this quick video: https://vimeo.com/256142919