Why You Aren’t Closing Enough Deals

Sales can be extremely challenging.

As a result, many sales professionals waste a fair amount of effort on leads that never close. But it’s often the approach might just have some errors in it if deals aren’t progressing.

There are many common reasons why you might not be closing enough deals, but here are a few to consider when evaluating your closing techniques.

Lacking trust

Trust is the center of selling. Establishing trust with your prospects should be number one on your to-do list.

It is critical to closing deals and winning.

Put your customer’s needs ahead of yours, and build a relationship that sends the message that you are there for them, to be their problem solver, not someone who is just desperate to land a sale.

Show them you want what’s best for them. Educate them on your product or service and why it can solve the issues they have. Failing to build trust means you have yet to lay the ground work needed to have a successful and strong relationship with your prospect.

Lacking listening skills and the ability to understand

Most sales managers agree that they rarely focus on finding ways to improve their teams’ listening skills.

Most people listen only to respond, not to understand. You must understand the other person’s perspective and communicate effectively with them.

Research shows that effective listeners do as little as 20 percent of the talking.

Many people need time to gather their thoughts before thinking, don’t be afraid to allow some silence to let your prospect finish speaking and allow time for them to think if they have said everything they need to say.

Pay attention, clarify any questions and reflect when in contact with a prospect to show them you understand and are listening to them.

Selling instead of educating

90 percent of sales managers want their team to be more solution oriented vs. jumping right in without relating to their customer.

Only 10 percent of clients actually consider sales people to be solution or value-focused.

This is a reason why your pipeline is stalling and ending in no decision at all.

Educate your prospects with insights that matter. Educate, don’t pitch. Let the conversation be about them and give them new insights into why they really should buy from you, not the other guy.

If you’re having trouble beating your number, take a look at your approach and don’t let common mistakes keep you from closing enough deals. Focus on the customer and their needs and see yourself start to close more deals.

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Vicki Daltorio