50 Habits of Successful Sales Professionals

There is no doubt that sales can be an uncertain thing.

After all, sales professionals don’t have superpowers to read people’s minds. However, great sales professionals make more money because they are problem solvers for potential and existing clients. They also have certain habits that make them successful.

Here are 50 habits of successful sales professionals:

  1. Starting something with the end in mind

  2. Role-playing

  3. Thinking fast on their feet by developing a knack for unconventional problem-solving

  4. Thinking in the shower

  5. Listening more

  6. Keeping a clean workspace

  7. Brainstorming ideas

  8. Traveling more

  9. Having fun conversations with people like a server at a restaurant

  10. Taking the 30 Circles Test

  11. Making mistakes

  12. Being encouraging

  13. Taking power naps

  14. Turning off the TV more

  15. Reading 20 minutes a day

  16. Being fearless

  17. Prioritizing and planning

  18. Not checking e-mails for at least an hour everyday

  19. Looking at old photos

  20. Taking notes or writing down ideas

  21. Wisely investing time in projects

  22. Asking significant others or friends for their opinions

  23. Writing a blog post

  24. Starting a new hobby

  25. Going outside more

  26. Not overthinking

  27. Completing something from start to finish

  28. Doing more fun activities in life

  29. Doing a fun childhood activity again

  30. Calling an old friend

  31. Listening to music

  32. Replacing a bad habit with a good one every week

  33. Visiting clients’ websites to see what’s new

  34. Checking out their clients’ competitors’ websites

  35. Checking out their competitors’ websites

  36. Volunteering

  37. Researching their family’s history to learn more about themselves

  38. Driving somewhere new

  39. Collaborating often

  40. Asking someone something new

  41. Having and show courage

  42. Enjoying a glass of wine or their favorite choice drink

  43. Acting like a kid sometimes (like making snow angels)

  44. Complaining less and as a result, stress less

  45. Offering to always help others

  46. Naming each project

  47. Never asking, “why?” But rather asking, “why not?”

  48. Accepting being better over being perfect

  49. Living outside their comfort zone

  50. Just doing it!