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Microlearning. Bite-sized goodness.


A growing number of sales leaders are becoming increasingly interested in incorporating video into their learning programs because of its benefits of making training stick.

Research shows that providing employees with effective training tools that include video can have a profound impact on a business. But, even though there is little doubt that people respond better to video, creating ones for training can still be challenging. 

That’s where New Velocity comes in.

We are constantly developing content that is not only engaging, but also helping the learner retain information better through via our award-winning online learning platform.

Introducing Virtual Velocity. Our platform. Your unfair advantage.

Virtual Velocity is like Netflix for sales training!
— Barry J., Citrix


It can be hard to monitor a learner’s progress, especially when you as a sales manager, lead a large team that’s scattered around the globe. You’re forced to trust that your reps are diligently undergoing their training. 

At New Velocity, we have you covered. 

The Watchdog reporting feature on our award-winning online training platform, Virtual Velocity, helps leaders track, measure and monitor their reps in real-time.

Managers can choose the frequency of emails they receive on their team’s learning. Thus, making reporting a breeze! 

Introducing real-time Reporting from New Velocity.

Real-time progress. 100 percent accountability.


Customized for Personal Experience. Designed for Value.

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Successful training begins with a strong foundation.

To further enhance New Velocity’s video-based virtual training platform, our workbooks engage leareners with thoughtful exercises and relevant content.

Studies have shown that learners retain more information from printed copy. Additionally, they are able to read faster, more accurately and comprehensively, on paper.



Instructor-led education, relevant role-play exercises and
activities designed to motivate, educate and activate.



Fun and fast activities via customized Dynamic SuperStudio Sessions acting as reinforcement to keep the momentum going.