3 Tips on Managing a Sales Team of Millennials

We always hear that millennials are completely different than previous generations. Especially, the ones in the sales profession.

Chances are, you’re managing a whole team (or almost) of millennial employees.

Effectively managing a sales team of millennials and making an impact may require different needs and outlooks.

Millennials represent a growing percentage of the workforce and are shaping the world of sales, in particular. Understanding their perspectives and behaviors or traits will only help with how you manage them.

Here are three quick tips on managing a millennial sales team:

Determining what drives them

Find out what motivates them to come to work every day. What drives them professionally and personally? What is their why?

This will help you establish their mindset and what goals they might have in life.

Providing guidance and feedback

Coaching and building relationships are what millennials crave and respond well to. Specifically, a positive coach that is able to guide and provide feedback to help them get closer to achieving their goals.

They want consistent feedback from their managers and their generation thrives on leaders and role models, who can help with personal and professional development.

Offering microlearning

Providing training, specifically sales training, is vital to all generations, especially millennial employees. Shortened, bite sized learning sessions are preferred by this generation so that they have flexible time to train anywhere or anytime.

Millennials learn best from microlearning sessions that are entertaining and relaxed. Traditional learning simply allows learners to remember and recall, rather than provide nuggets of information for a quick application of what has been learned. A more laid-back learning environment allows for more freedom for creativity.

Click hereto view an example of a microlearning session.