Staying Motivated After Completing a Goal

Creating a set of goals and accomplishing even just one, generates a sense of pride, accomplishment, relief and joy.

Some of us may have even felt disoriented after completing a major project or winning a big sale — it may have taken just a few days, weeks, or even months. And then all of a sudden that assignment is done. There is no longer a project or specific task to accomplish.

It’s easy to revert back to the usual routine after spending a significant amount of time in a productive mindset on one task. The feelings of burnout and disappoint may follow this achievement and may be the reason why it’s hard to get motivated again.

Therefore, it’s important to stay motivated after completing a goal.

Celebrating Success

Take the time to applaud this great achievement. When you accomplish something and don’t take the time to celebrate, you are taking away that vital feeling that reinforces success. Celebrating helps to develop a success mindset. Don’t wait for praise from others, praise yourself.

Recovering From Goal Completion

After exerting mental, emotional and physical effort, taking time off is valuable. Take breaks and replenish your energy. Meditate, listen to music, nap or go outside – recovery is critical to get in the focused mode and reevaluating your goals moving forward.

Clearing Your Mind

Put your phone away, refocus and relax. Rediscover your original purpose. Clear out the clutter. You and only you can decide what fills your mind and only you can clear away the distractions and clutter to focus on your priorities.

Setting Your Next Goal

You need something new to be excited about. Keep planning for growth and ask yourself what new goal will you accomplish next. Focus on continuous improvement and rediscover your “why”.

Trying Something New

Make your work interesting by changing it up and keeping yourself on your toes. Try something new in an area that you know has room for expansion. Don’t stay in the same place, set new challenging goals.

Maintaining Momentum

Setting and achieving big goals involves enormous personal growth. Keep the steady momentum to continue growth by being proactive, anticipating and turning a big win into a consistent winning streak.