Engaging Learners by Utilizing Technology

Training and development have always been structured with age-old formats.

Millennial workers are on the rise and training and development have begun to shift from traditional to technology driven platforms. Most modern learners are now used to using some form of technology in their learning environments.

Educational research shows that 83 percent of human learning occurs visually and that combining technology can be even more effective to help training stick.

Integrating technology engages learners of all learning styles and enhances interaction between learners and their instructor.

Visual Training

Video integrationis becoming increasingly popular as a growing number of sales leaders are seeing the benefits of bringing dispersed employees together, while driving effective communication within the organization.

Take New Velocity’s Lightboardfor example: a glass chalkboard pumped full of light. It is a pane of glass suspended with LED lights embedded to provide a dramatic illumination of the information displayed on the board.

This new age “chalkboard” works so that the trainer is facing toward viewers, while the writing on the board illuminates.

Learners in the past have watched lectures where the instructor has their back to them while writing on a chalkboard or white board.

Visual training creates more interaction and more engagement.

Technology in Ongoing Learning

Technology enhances the human experience of learning.

Industry experts concluded that highly engaged learners are more likely to transfer knowledge than those that are less engaged.

To make training stick with the use of technology, techniques such as interactive coaching sessions or SuperStudio Sessionsfrom New Velocity, Lightboard technology, morning meetings, gamification, and a coaching hotline all ensure sales teams retain and apply everything they have learned.

However, technology should not be used to keep learners busy in ongoing learning. Learners should feel like they are part of an important aspect of the program with their involvement.

Technology should connect learners of all learning styles, create interaction and collaboration.