The Value of Insight Selling

Only 10 percent of clients consider sales people who call them, to be solution or value-focused.


This painful statistic shows that the majority of someone’s pipeline stalls and ends with no decision made at all in the end.

This is more than enough of a reason for change and to get more prospects to say, “Yes!”

Research shows that 90 percent of sales managers want their team to be more solution-oriented rather than just jumping right in without relating to their customer.

Sales professionals need to know how to add value by educating prospects on what they have not yet learned or are undervaluing. They need to learn to monetize. Additionally, they need to be like a professor, one who educates, and not like a politician, who simply pitches.

Remember, it is less about you and more about them.

The new-age customer has evolved to now a more powerful, educated decision maker. This means that sales professionals must take on a new role in this new era of selling.

Sales professionals should not allow the client to self-diagnose themselves. Instead, they should help steer the ship toward what a successful solution really looks like.

In client conversations, many of the things sales professionals say have little or no value to them. Clients don’t care about a product or service until you give them a reason to care.

Ask yourself, why should a client even buy from me? What does my company and myself offer that they simply cannot get anywhere else? Identify and communicate the answer to these questions to receive the value you deserve from your offerings.

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